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The personalized coaching you need to turn your passion into a profitable business


Are my services right for you?

  • You feel unsure about how to start your dream business.
  • You are having trouble developing your business plan.
  • Your business means more to you than just a job.  It is your passion. 
  • You've begun your business but are not seeing the returns on investment that you desire.
  • You want to grow your following and market your services through social media.
  • You need help with setting up a website.
  • You are unsure about what you need to do to grow your business and increase profits.
  • You are ready to work with someone in the spiritual sector who has turned their dream into a profitable business.

If you answered yes to any of these than you are a perfect client for my business services.




Before I started Arcane Alchemy, I worked as a project & social media manager in a digital advertising and marketing firm here in downtown Chicago.  During that job I helped many small and large businesses revitalize their marketing strategy, update their web design, and increase customers and profits.

I brought this knowledge with me when I began my own spiritual business.  I now do hundreds of tarot readings and lessons for people all over the globe and make more money than I ever did in the corporate world.  I want to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you too can achieve your business goals. 



What I Offer As your personalized business coach


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Web & Graphic Design Assistance

A clear and concise website is essential to make your business dreams a reality.  I will assist with helping you find a hosting platform and domain name that works best for your unique business needs.  Once your platform is chosen I will assist with the set up process and teach you how to create effective content for your site.  Website aesthetics are increasingly important in our digital age and I will make sure that your site looks professional and inspirational. 


Social Media Strategy

We begin with an audit of your current social platforms.  We’ll discuss your target numbers and then I will create a custom social media strategy for your business.  This will consist of demographic targeting, content ideas, a posting schedule, and apps and tools to create content that will be organically shared.  We will also define what is ‘your brand’ and how you can make your content stand out from the competition.  This includes setting up a brand theme for visuals that will help make your content cohesive and immediately recognizable.


Content marketing

Blog posts and other forms of content marketing are essential to increase SEO for your site and make sure you stand out from the crowd.  To help get you started we will determine who your ideal customer is so that we can target our content to that demographic.  We will determine a posting schedule that works best for your business and I will provide and ideas and services that will help you write engaging and inspiring content.  



Conversion Strategy

Once you have built your audience through your social media and blogging you will need to convert followers into paid customers.  I will assist with online strategic advertising so that you can share your products and services in a fun and unique way that optimizes conversion.  We will also develop a lead generation and list building platform so you can retain and track your profits and increase your customer base.

Why my course is different


  • I believe that every business is unique and thus there is no one size fits all approach to financial success.  Most business coaching services only send you copies of pre-made videos or documents with information that is outdated and may not address your specific business needs and concerns.  My coaching services are individually tailored to your specific goals, insuring that you receive exactly the knowledge you need to excel. 
  • My services are provided as one on one hour-long sessions through Skype or facebook video messenger.  During these sessions you have my full attention and we develop a strategy together.  We also go at your own pace as their might be some areas where you need more assistance and development than others.
  • I understand that when you’re beginning your business journey you may not initially have a lot of funds.  My session fee is very inexpensive compared to my competitors and I encourage you to compare my coaching services with others out there to insure you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.




TWO OPTIONS FOr your coaching services 




You can try out a session to get a sense of my coaching style and abilities without committing to the full program.  During the session we'll go over how you can best approach the specific challenges for your business.  After the session is complete you will have a clear plan of action on how to achieve your business goals.  

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Full Program

You're excited and ready to commit to making your business dreams a reality!  We will have one session a week for three months which is a total of twelve 60 minute one on one sessions.   I will also be 'on call' for you over email during the time of the program to answer all your questions.  

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Questions or Concerns?

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