When you purchase a tarot reading or tarot lesson you will be prompted to include a few dates & times that you will be available. After I receive the order I will email you to confirm the time for our reading or lesson(s).

What if I need to change the time or date of our scheduled reading or lesson?

I’m happy to reschedule any tarot readings or lessons as long as you email me at at least 24 hours before our scheduled time.

Do you provide in-person readings or lessons?

Special arrangements can be made to do in-person readings and lessons. If you are interested in receiving your reading or lesson in person, please email me at


Do you provide refunds?

Yes, I provide refunds for all purchases as long as an email is sent to me at no later than 24 hours after purchase.

Do you do tarot events or group lessons?

Yes, if you are interested in having me do tarot readings or lessons for any group, party, or event please email me at with the details of your event.

I want to receive a reading or lesson but I don’t have skype

I can also offer readings and lessons through Facebook Video Messenger, Zoom, or through Email.