Short Stories & Poetry

Below is a selection of some of my recent writings.  You can view a larger collection of my work on my blog.  My writings have also been published in Witch Way Magazine and The Witch of Lupine Hollow


The Crone

A large expanse of trees guarded the entrance to the forest.  There was a small path, almost hidden from the snow that snaked through the wall of pine.  Before entering, I glanced one last time... keep reading


My satchel of tools weighs heavy, pressing upon my spine as we make our way towards the clearing. We float, a serpentine weave of hip, thigh, and toe as we march on together through the woods... keep reading

Samhain Dance

We gathered ‘round the old churchyard.  Once an ancient pagan site, now littered with unknown graves and crooked cobblestones.  Yet underneath the stones and bodies... keep reading

As the Winter Winds Come

The steel rails of the El Train roar as they screech, bright sparks illuminating red against frosty wheels. The wooden train platform is high and narrow, the wind whipping... keep reading

City Witch in a Summer Storm

On this evening, like all evenings before it, the lights of Chicago shown with an aura of great promise. The kind of confident capability only a great American metropolis could have... keep reading


The Wheel of Fortune

The rocket of time pulls the wheel as it makes another round. The heavy wood crackles and pops as it continues to cycle, heavy with the weight of our fortunes... keep reading