Why Receive a Professional Tarot Reading?

Years of study and practiced intuition guide my readings as I use the cards to open your heart and help you discover your subconscious desires and the best way to approach them.  

My professional Tarot readings provide insights into what matters most.  My readings will give you an outside perspective that uncovers possibilities and pathways forward you may have overlooked.  

Tarot helps you understand and create the life you want to live and I want to help you get there. 

Choose Your Reading

After your purchase I will create a lengthy video of myself performing your reading and will send you the link via email. The video will be hosted on YouTube but will be set to private so that only you will have access to your reading.  You will be emailed the link to your video within 3 - 5 days of your purchase.

Advanced Reading

I begin my advanced readings by concentrating carefully on you as I shuffle and lay out a Celtic Cross 10 card spread.  The Celtic Cross is one of the oldest and most powerful tarot spreads.  I take considerable time interpreting the cards and their placement within the spread. This enables me to draw in depth meaningful connections and insights.  

Please select which tarot deck you would like me to use for your reading.  See what the cards look like below. 

Tarot Deck:
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Basic Reading

A basic reading is great if you need guidance on a particular facet of your life.  I use a three card spread for basic readings so we can laser in on your situation and divine potential solutions and insights.  The three card spread will show your current frame of mind, any obstacles you may face, and advice for moving forward.

Please select which tarot deck you would like me to use for your reading.  See what the cards look like below. 

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Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation over email to determine which type of reading will be best for you.  The free consultation is optional and you are welcome to book a reading without it.  However, I recommend the free consultation as it helps me learn about more about you so that we have a deeper connection during our reading.  It also helps insure that you will receive maximum benefit from your reading.  If you would like a free consultation please complete the request form below.  I will respond via email with a suggestion on which type of reading and card layout would be best to maximize your benefit. 

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"Scarlet has a mastery of the cards that is unique among tarot readers.  She has the gift of deep understanding."
- Kevin Ramos

"I receive weekly readings from Scarlet and her meaningful interpretations of the cards have been like therapy for me.  I now have a much more positive outlook on life."
- Ron Byron

"Scarlet is a deeply empathetic person.  My readings with her have given me a renewed sense of optimism."
- Emily Brown