different than any other course available online  

Here's why:

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My course consists of a series of one on one lessons through Skype or Facebook Video Messenger.  This is different from most online tarot courses that consist only of downloadable pdfs.  For my course, you will have my undivided attention as your personal instructor.  As someone who has taught tarot for over three years, I understand the importance of being able to ask questions throughout your learning experience as well as the importance of face to face instruction. 



We go at your own pace.  As my course is though one on one lessons, I tailor my instruction and lesson plans to your current level of tarot experience.  This way tarot novices and experienced readers alike receive lessons that are unique to them, their learning style, and level of experience. 




Other courses spend most their time reviewing the tarot card meanings - something you could already find by googling!  My instruction goes way beyond just learning the meanings of the cards.  We review how tarot relates to your everyday life,  the deep philosophical questions hidden in the symbolism, and how to incorporate tarot within your wider spiritual practice.  You will also learn how to further develop and use your intuition in readings.  



My instruction is entirely personalized to you.  I work with your schedule to find the best times for your lessons.  Most students choose to have a lesson once a week.  However, if you'd like to have lessons twice a week or one lesson every two weeks I can work with my schedule to make that happen.   I also encourage you to try out my course with one lesson.  No need to book the full course until you're convinced that my instruction and teaching style is worthy of your time and money.



If interested, after you complete the course I can instruct you on how to begin doing readings for others and even help you set up your own tarot business.  I provide consultation and help within the following fields:
- Developing & tracking your business goals
- Graphic design
- Web design
- Social media development & expansion


Try it out


If you're not sure if you're ready to book the full course, you can begin with a 30-minute trial lesson.  During the lesson we will go over the meaning of tarot, why tarot works, and how learning tarot will help improve your life. 


One Tarot Lesson
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ten lessons


The full course consists of 30 lessons.  If you're interested in the booking the first group of 10 lessons you can do so here.  When you feel ready you can book the 2nd and 3rd group of lessons.  


Ten Tarot Lessons
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FULL Certification Course


You're ready to go all in and experience everything tarot has to offer!  Get ready because this course will challenge what you know about tarot and get you ready for a lifetime of guidance using the cards. You will also receive a Certification of Completion in the mail when you complete all 30 lessons. 

Full Tarot Certification Course
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"Seriously amazing! Scarlet is a wonderfully warm and informative teacher who goes deep into each card she reviews. She always asks if you have down the current topic before moving on. Always fun and enlightening every session I have with her and I fully recommend for anyone looking to build knowledge and confidence in there own readings.
- Cory Nace

"Scarlet does a nice job of explaining each card using the Rider Waite deck. She shows some of the other tarot decks for comparison. Scarlet asked for feedback on your understanding of what was presented. If you are just starting out I would recommend you giving her a try and decide for yourself. You can not go wrong."
- Jerry Mascola

"Scarlet is a thoughtful and open reader and instructor of Tarot. She is very thorough and complete in her descriptions of each of the cards and allows for as many questions as needed to understand each card." 
- George W Sikes

"This course provides information you can't just find on google.  Scarlet is wonderful at showing you how you can use your own intuition to interpret and read the cards.  I began by taking a few single lessons and then decided to purchase the full course with her.  Now that I've completed the course I'm considering starting up my own tarot reading business." 
- Gretchen Stewart

"I began this course without much knowledge of tarot.  She went through the lessons at my own pace and I really enjoyed how each lesson was provided one on one through Skype.  After completing this course with Scarlet I now have the confidence to read professionally."  
- Megan O'Brian

"I enjoyed the fact that Scarlet uses multiple decks to demonstrate the potential of each card.  I also enjoyed the personalized pacing of her lessons so that I don't get overwhelmed with information.  I continue to be intrigued with her insights and understanding of tarot."
- Elijah Green