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HI there, I'm Scarlet

I’m the founder of Arcane Alchemy and the director of the Tarot Certification Program.  I’ve been a reader and instructor for over 7 years and have done readings for thousands of clients across the globe.

Several years ago I left my corporate career in project management to dedicate myself to reading and teaching tarot professionally.  My site, Arcane Alchemy, is now widely regarded as one of the top sites for tarot information and instruction.

I created this certification course as I was frustrated seeing other tarot courses that only consisted of PDF documents or pre-recorded videos.  I wanted to create a course that was truly personalized to each individual student. This is why I based my course around one on one instruction.  I find that learning tarot through discussion is vastly more beneficial than other methods. By doing personalized one on one lessons I am with you during your whole tarot journey and able to answer all your questions throughout the process.

I hope you’ll invite me to join you on your tarot journey as your instructor.  After all, tarot is not just something you study - it’s a way to build community and create a better life for yourself and the wider world!




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If you're not sure if you're ready to book the full course, you can begin with a 30-minute trial lesson.  During the lesson we will go over the origins of tarot, various ways the cards can be used, why tarot works, and how learning tarot will help improve your life.


One Tarot Lesson
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ten lessons


The full course consists of 30 lessons.  If you're interested in the booking the first group of 10 lessons you can do so here.  When you feel ready you can book the 2nd and 3rd group of lessons. 
* You pay for 9 lessons and you get 1 free!


Ten Tarot Lessons
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FULL Certification Course


You're ready to go all in and experience everything tarot has to offer!  Get ready because this course will challenge what you know about tarot and get you ready for a lifetime of guidance using the cards. You will also receive a Certification of Completion in the mail when you complete all 30 lessons. 
* You pay for 27 lessons and you get 3 for free!

Full Tarot Certification Course
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