Neil McDougal

I sought Scarlet out for a preliminary consultation after I soft-launched my blog site. I had a professional website administrator on a previous company site, and I've been out of any kind of Social Media management for a few years. I knew Scarlet would be current, and help me focus on the top few aspects that were most important to get fully launched. She brought her practical professional approach, and her nonchalant style to our consultation session. Scarlet’s mastery of the tools, not to mention sharing her own desktop screens for demonstration purposes, and her practical analysis of what I needed to focus on first was the help I was looking for. She guided me to a few very important adjustments, and gave me the boost to use a couple of the more advanced features. I'd be happy to hire Scarlet again the next time I see an opportunity to bring my social media presence to another level. i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Sarah JohnsonComment