Samhain Dance

We gathered ‘round the old churchyard.  Once an ancient pagan site, now littered with unknown graves and crooked cobblestones.  

Yet underneath the stones and bodies, there remains an ancient power. A power that still resonates and electrifies the air.  A memory of people long gone who once danced among a circle of stones much different that these grave markers before us.  Most of that history now forgotten, but truth is on our side.  For tonight is our realm, and our spirit takes a grip that holds upon this place.

Cold wind blows into the skin as we start the fire in the center of our circle.  The fire crackles as the twigs snap and break as they burn.  Gathered hand in hand,  we danse macabre around the fire burning strong.  And as we dance, wIth each step, we move downwards in a spiral among this ring of shadows.

As a cloud reveals the hidden moon, it appears the spirits and ancestors have heard our call.  Thick smoke rises and flows between us for on this night the veil between worlds comes to meet our intentions.  Gentle whispers are heard as wisps of smoke past beyond my outstretched arm.  The sublime energy opens my eyes wide and sends shivers down my spine.

It seems a great paradox, for as we dance and move closer towards the veil, is when we feel most alive.  For your heart can not be full without that rush of fear.  

We all dance together ‘round the fire.  The spirits and ancestors twirling and weaving among our bodies.  Our energy rises to the stars till we eventually collapse to the ground and the soft grasses temper our weight.  And as I lay down upon the earth, I see the smoke and fog dissipate as it flows back beyond the veil, waiting for our next encounter.