Yule Wreath

It’s now less than two weeks till Yule.  Though the days continue to shorten and the nights seem forever long, I feel much joy looking forward to the upcoming solstice.  In this great countdown to the return of the sun, I try to surround myself with as much festivity and comfort as possible.  I’ve strewn bright twinkle lights around my city apartment and decorated with garlands made from pine branches.  My kitchen is warm with scents of cinnamon and clove as I cook my Yuletide favorites.  

Each day, despite the often bitter cold, I walk to lakefront path and find beauty in the gentle snowfall and icy winds.  I’m not alone, every day I see runners and bikers upon the path.  Looking at them running through the frost in their brightly colored neon gear always makes me smile.  I admire their determination and resolve to get outside everyday no matter the weather.

Yesterday while I was walking amongst the path, I noticed many small branches that had fallen to the ground.  I took some in hand and headed home to make a rustic Yule wreath.  One of the great things about decorating for the sabbats is that it’s best to use natural materials when possible, which means of course, that the materials are free.  While I have made more of an effort recently to incorporate natural materials in my craft, I still couldn’t resist buying a big red bow to place upon my homespun wreath.

Below are instructions for making your very own festive Yule wreath.
These instructions adapted from Starburst Twig Wreath

You will need:
A collection of branches
Cardboard cut into a disc shape
Glue and a hot glue gun
A bow (optional)

The instructions are as simple as wrapping your cardboard disc in twine, gluing your branches to the disc in a starburst pattern, and finally adding a bow and a string to hang the wreath from.