Staying Connected to Nature


As I walk toward the lake I pass endless buildings of brick until I reach the greenery of the Lakeshore path.  My mind calms and settles with each step away from the concrete chaos and towards the serene shades of sky and green.

Upon reaching the edge of the shore, the city skyscrapers become visible in the distance as they blur dark against the monochromatic horizon. They stand as charcoal sentinels balanced at the edge of the endless water.  Even in winter, Lake Michigan offers a respite from the harsh masculinity of Chicago's architecture.  A feminine note pushing against the industrial.  I savoir my walks as I listen to the soft sound of waves as they calm the roar of the nearby trains.  I watch with serenity as the grey winter waves froth and foam as they pirouette towards the stone walkway.

Walking in nature and feeling the breeze against your face has a beautiful meditative quality.  And with each step I am reminded of our connection to the Earth.