Money Spell

The air was still this morning.  It was hot already and the morning dew was steaming into the air.  I sat outside for a while and watched people walk their dogs while I sipped my Earl Grey tea.  I love the leisurely pace of Sunday mornings.  It's such a respite from the rest of my busy week.  I thought for a while on what I should write about today and thought it might be enjoyable to post a spell I've used a few times.  I do prosperity spells fairly often and I found that this one tends to bring good results.  If you end up trying it, let me know how it works for you in the comments. 


  • A dollar bill (any denomination is fine, though I found that using larger bills tend to bring more money)

  • A pencil

  • A green candle

  • A dash of cinnamon in a small bowl with water

  • A bay leaf

  • Incense (I would recommend using an incense associated with prosperity, though any kind will work.)

  • Optional - A stone or necklace made out of a stone associated with prosperity. For this one I used an old Jade necklace that was passed down to me by my grandmother.


  • The best time to do this spell is on Sunday during a Waxing moon as money will flow towards you as the moon becomes full.


  • First find yourself a calm and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may begin your spell by casting a circle. I personally don't feel the need to cast a circle for smaller spells though many witches do feel better casting a circle before any kind of magical work.

  • Take the dollar bill and write this sigil $$$¢¢¢$$$ on all four corners of the bill. Also sign your name on top of the Secretary of Treasury signature.

  • Take the bay leaf and place the tip in the cinnamon water and swirl it three times clockwise. Then touch the wet tip of the bay leaf on each of the sigils on the four corners of the dollar bill.

  • Wave the dollar bill three times clockwise above the incense and chant the following three times:

Money, money, come to me

In abundance, three times three

For each dollar I spend, may three return to me

Money, money, three times three

  • Do the same above the green candle. Wave the dollar bill clockwise three times above the flame and chant the words three times.

  • The last part of the spell is to go out and spend that dollar bill and watch as money starts coming to you in unpredicted ways.