City Witch in a Summer Storm

On this evening, like all evenings before it, the lights of Chicago shown with an aura of great promise. The kind of confident capability only a great American metropolis could have. While the recession was still felt throughout the midwest, the city of broad shoulders stood tall and resilient against the dilapidation. Chicago appeared as a bold hammer of progress standing upright against the crumbling facades of infrastructure that plagued the nearby cities of Detroit and Columbus. The infection of foreclosure and poverty rose all around, yet the Chicago skyline stood strong and eternal.  

My city acted as as a beehive of forward motion.  It breathed and exhaled as the commuters came and went.  As the people moved up and down the avenues, the streets, and the alleys.  The current view of the skyscrapers was foreboding, yet I understood that I would somehow be forever connected to this great hive of life.  I was miles away but I could still feel the frenetic energy emanating from the city center.

The traffic rushed on and I stood apart, digging my feet into the sandy shore of the lake.  I turned away from the city lights to face the great empty blue of the waves.  And as I walked along the edge of Lake Michigan, grey waves frothed and crashed against the stone walkway in welcome.  For here by the lake, I was momentarily disconnected from it all.  Staring out into the great big grey expanse, I was given a chance to feel the movement of the water within and relax into the wind as it spun around me.   

For me, Lake Michigan has always offered a respite from the harsh masculine lines of the architecture.  A soft song of waves calming the roar of the L train.

I stood for several minutes by the lake watching the waves chaotically ungulate and crash against the shoreline.  Off in the distance the outline of the city skyscrapers blurred dark against the monochromatic horizon, a reminder that I must soon return back to my hive.  Yet now, here in this place I am a leaf floating on the wind, smiling towards the Goddess.  A reminder that even us city witches are forever connected to her beauty.