Popularity & Tarot

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Often I think many of us dream of discovery when it comes to finding our next deck. A deck of tarot cards can be like a book of magic - shouted in secret until discovered dusty and forgotten in a corner of some antique shop. As if it was waiting, waiting for you, to come pick it up and learn it’s secrets.

Yet, most of the time we come across our decks in a much more ordinary way, perhaps purchased on amazon or at your local metaphysical shop. The Wild Unknown deck is certainly not an elusive find; you can purchase it just about anywhere. Does its popularity make it any less meaningful or inspiring? I personally don’t think so. Perhaps its very popularity makes its symbols even more profound. All across the world expert readers and novices alike have picked up this deck and been inspired by it’s striking minimalism and nature-based symbols. Of all the decks out there, this is the one that I attribute to beginning the resurgence of tarot in contemporary culture. Where that leads us - who knows. But I for one am excited when I think of how many people, like yourself perhaps, that has begun their journey with tarot.

To me, it doesn’t matter which deck first strikes your interest in tarot. What matters is that you’ve arrived and you’re ready to learn about all the amazing ways tarot can change your life. Your first tarot deck is like your first love - never to be forgotten. My first deck was the Rider-Waite Smith deck and it has stayed my constant companion for over 15 years now. I don’t mind at all that it's a popular deck - what matters is that it brought me to a path that I’m honored to be on.

What was your first deck? Was it a more popular or obscure deck?