The Intersection of Tarot & Technology


At first glance technology and tarot may seem like opposing forces.  As technology continues to fuse into our society more and more of our daily routines incorporate screens, apps, and websites.  Tarot on the other hand is an ancient tool for self-reflection which happily exists outside the confines of modern scientific understanding.  Yet, divination and technology have been bedfellows for quite a long time. I fondly remember the scene in Big where Tom Hanks comes across the mysterious Zoltar machine causing much unexpended magic and amusement.  Later, as phones & computers became an ever present part of our lives apps and websites began to offer tarot experiences with a simple tap of the finger.  

Recently I came across a website,, which provides whole tarot spreads and readings.  You pick a tarot spread and the cards are laid out before your screen in a fancy animation.  Then you pick out your cards and your reading is determined. So, how are we to reconcile the readily increasing interplay of divination websites & apps with the wider purpose of tarot?  

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Tarot is meant to be an introspective act where we delve into the depths of our subconscious and pull out inner guidance that assists with the multitude of decisions we face.  In my view, there are two types of tarot readings. One type of reading, and the one we’re most familiar with, occurs face to face. This type of reading is often more lengthy and allows the reader and the querent to deeply connect while they use the cards as avenues for greater self discovery.  

The other type of reading is one that is meat to be quick, fast, and fun.  In my opinion, tarot does not always need to be an intensive endeavor. Tarot cards as we know them actually began as a playing card game in 1400s northern Italy so it makes since to me that tarot can have a wide range of purposes, experiences, and benefits.  So as a professional reader I view electronic readings with a light heart.  While one on one readings will always be my personal preferred method, the important thing is that people in the world need guidance and I’m happy that tarot (in any of its many forms) will be there to help guide them.

What are your thoughts about the interplay of technology & tarot? Share below in the comments.

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