Charm Bag for Imbolc

Imbolc is a time for fresh starts. This sabbat is all about rebirth, new growth and emerging from the darkness. Bits of green begin to poke out of the rain- and snow-soaked ground and whispers of spring appear everywhere, once you start looking for them. 

Spells attuned with this time of year should focus on new beginnings. Think of Imbolc sort of like the new moon. Here, you set your intentions, at Ostara (or the waxing moon), you take action, and hopefully at Beltane, or the full moon, you see manifestation. 

Creating seasonal charm bags is one of my favorite types of spellwork, as it is so easy to customize to the time of year and your intentions. You can generally even make them from things you have on hand, or can easily pick up at your local spiritual or craft store, nursery or flower shop. 

The main themes of Imbolc you will want to touch on in this spell are beginnings, rebirth, setting intentions and the fire of creation, as Imbolc is a traditional fire festival. This is partly because Imbolc is a celebration of coming out of the dark: while we celebrate the return of the light and the lengthening of the days at Yule, late December is still a very dark and wintry time. Imbolc is when we really start to notice the days getting longer; February 1 is the halfway point to spring! To represent this emersion from the darkness, we burn candles at Imbolc. In Christian traditions, Imbolc is even known as Candlemas. 

For this charm bag, you can either choose a specific project or goal you want to manifest or you can focus on general new beginnings. For a specific goal, I would recommend adding at least one or two elements to these ingredients to give the spell focus. 

Imbolc Charm Bag

  • Small piece of clear quartz, preferably charged at the new moon

  • Pine needles for purification

  • Cinnamon sticks for power

  • Nettles for strength in overcoming obstacles

  • Daffodil petals for fertility

  • Dandelion puffs for making wishes come true

  • White muslin or sheer sachet

  1. Light a few white candles and take a few moments to meditate on your intentions.

  2. Rub the pine needles between your hands to release their scent and power. Sprinkle them into the sachet, saying aloud: I purify this space and this spell.

  3. Carefully place the clear quartz and cinnamon sticks in the bag, saying aloud: To lend power and fire to this spell.

  4. Sprinkle in the daffodil petals, saying aloud: To create a fertile space for fresh starts.

  5. Sprinkle in the dandelion puffs, saying aloud: To help Imbolc wishes come true.

  6. Sprinkle in the nettles, saying aloud: To help me overcome obstacles that may arise on the path to realizing my intentions.

  7. Tie the bag shut and tuck away in a safe place, such as your glove compartment or lingerie drawer.

Want to customize this bag even further? Some other Imbolc crystals and herbs that could be appropriate include: 

  • White lily petals for rebirth

  • Cedar needles for purification

  • Ginger root or crystallized ginger for fire and power

  • Crocus for new love, intuition and dream magick

  • Violet petals for lust, love and protection

  • Tulip petals for protection and prosperity

  • Amethyst for spirituality and intuition

  • Garnet for fire and creation

  • Rose Quartz for love and friendship

This is a guest post from the Witch of Lupine Hollow

Be sure to check out her lovely blog and comment blow to let me know how you'll be celebrating this sabbat!